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Covid Update: I prefer that patients wear a mask, as I do. Also, we have a UV air sanitizer in the treatment room and the whole office is regularly cleaned and disinfected.

about dr. turchin

Dr. Curtis Turchin specializes in very gentle treatments to relieve pain in all areas of the body. He is especially skilled with headaches, back pain, neck pain, and sports and dance injuries. He utilizes gentle manual therapies with low-level laser and LED treatments. He has been specializing in gentle adjusting and massage for over 30 years and continues to teach this unique therapy to practitioners around the world.

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What Dr. Turchin Has to Offer

  • physiotherapy (1).png

    Gentle mobilization technique that utilizes gentle joint stretching and provides dramatic pain relief for almost any problem

  • The use of Apollo cold laser to treat acute and chronic pain throughout the entire body. The treatment is pain-free and lasts only ...

  • Dr. Turchin is considered an expert in prescribing exercises that are effective and easy to do. He includes exercise and fitness as ...

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